Build you own sauna in 3:48

My good (virtual so far) friend Stephen built his own sauna in North Carolina.  Watch through his video. It’s a great sauna, wonderful aesthetics and touches: slate patio walkway, nestled amongst foliage, and a great outdoor shower. Note Stephen’s OSHA approved sandals:

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  1. WOW…. One could easily make the argument that he’s chosen the best layout there is – it’s just like what a sweat lodge would be. Everyone get’s even heat. By far the most conducive for conversation too. Well done Stephen!!

  2. I live in Bryson City, NC on the foothills of the Smoky Mountain National Park in Western North Carolina. I moved here in 2005 to take a job working as a psychologist with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. My Sweat Therapy Sauna was built in 2007. In reality, working almost entirely on weekends, it took four months to complete.
    It was designed specifically for combining group counseling with sweating. I hope that it will serve as a prototype for those interested in using sweat therapy in health and educational settings. See http://www.PsychSymposium.com for more info on that. The design was influenced by the Finnish Sauna, the American Indian Sweat Lodge, and modern technology.
    Like a common sauna, it was built with conventional wood-framed construction with insulation between vertical studs, the interior lined with cedar walls and benches. It is heated with an electric heater. Like an American Indian sweat lodge, the Sweat Therapy Sauna allows people to sit in a circle to promote group cohesion. The heating element is placed in the center. It is windowless to control lighting to promote intimacy and introspection and contains a stereo system to make use of the therapeutic benefits of music.
    The dimensions of the Sweat Therapy Sauna are 10’ x 10’ x 7’ and can accommodate about 12 people. The 15 KW electric heater is a stainless steel floor model purchased from Finlandia Sauna. Four recessed ceiling lights operate on a dimmer switch. The stereo is a waterproof marine audio system that includes an amplifier, MP3 connector, and four speakers purchased from Poly-Planar. A shower is installed on the outside of the right front wall.
    Although I built my sauna with group counseling in mind, it is used mostly with my friends and family. Below is a list of costs. It includes about $1,000 for the service of an electrician.
    Sweat Therapy Sauna


    Heater 15-KW (Excalibur) 2,050
    Stereo 453
    Slab 580
    Framing Material 2026
    Roofing 536
    shower/fence/power trnsfr 327
    Insulation 300
    Interior woodwork 1208
    Thermometer/hygrometer, bucket, dipper, timer 145
    Lights, ceiling insulation 250
    Door 300
    Miscellaneous Lumber 100
    Electrician 854
    Concrete Sealer & Roller 30
    Miscellaneous Lumber 138
    Hydraulic Door Closer 40
    Deadbolt 15
    Electrician (fan, dimmer, spotlight) 150
    Cabinet Doors 100
    Total $9,602

  3. When I have friends over, soft rock/acoustic rock is the big crowd pleaser. I use Sirius Satellite Radio and usually have it on the Coffee House on channel 30 (XM 51, Dish network 6030, DirecTV 848). It seems to have a good balance of being not too intense and not too laid back. The SPA channel is great for meditating (Sirius 73, XM 72, Dish Network 6073, DirecTV 856). It can also be fun to choreograph your sweat session by matching the type of music to the type of experience you would like to facilitate. As the heat is experienced as more intense toward the end of the round, more intense music fits well.

  4. At the mobile sauna yesterday, we had good effect with an international/reggae/african playlist. Nothing Ragga and Rough, but more ambient dub (King Tubby, Thievery Corporation) with a mix of African (Amadou & Mariam, Fela Kuti). When at the controls, choosing instrumental music, and or music where one doesn’t understand the lyrics seems to resonate like a cold water splash on sauna rocks.

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