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Chris, good question.  If speakers fail prematurely in the sauna, it’s still worth it.  Yet I’ve had a great pair of outdoor speakers in my backyard sauna for 8 years now, and they show no signs of breaking down.

  • Use outdoor speakers – made for rougher conditions.
  • Keep your speakers on the floor – out of the way under your benches.
  • It’s actually not that hot or humid along the floor of a sauna – heat rises.
  • Build a box around your sauna speakers  – use the same tongue and groove cedar for a nice look.
  • Venting your sauna with a crack along the bottom of the sauna door is like a cool blow dryer – fresh air is good for the speakers.
  • BONUS: consider playlists of 4-5 minute songs, allowing you to keep track, roughly, of how long you’ve been in the sauna.  I’ve been known to get wrapped up in a 20 minute Fela Kuti or John Coltrane song, and end up needing to be shoveled into bed at night.

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From: chris
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Sent: Sun, January 10, 2010 10:15:15 PM
Subject: speakers
Any thought on speakers? My fear is that most speakers are not designed to operate at the high ambient temps of a sauna and will surely fail prematurely.

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  1. There are several manufacturers of marine-quality stereos and speakers that advertise to be practically impervious to heat and water exposure and perfect for sauna use. One manufacturer is Poly-Planar (see http://www.polyplanar.com). I have had my Polyplanar speakers in my sauna for over two years now and they work great. They are mounted just below the cieling. Heat and water have been no problem.

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