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Speakers in the sauna

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Chris, good question.  If speakers fail prematurely in the sauna, it’s still worth it.  Yet I’ve had a great pair of outdoor speakers in my backyard sauna for 8 years now, and they show no signs of breaking down.

  • Use outdoor speakers – made for rougher conditions.
  • Keep your speakers on the floor – out of the way under your benches.
  • It’s actually not that hot or humid along the floor of a sauna – heat rises.
  • Build a box around your sauna speakers  – use the same tongue and groove cedar for a nice look.
  • Venting your sauna with a crack along the bottom of the sauna door is like a cool blow dryer – fresh air is good for the speakers.
  • BONUS: consider playlists of 4-5 minute songs, allowing you to keep track, roughly, of how long you’ve been in the sauna.  I’ve been known to get wrapped up in a 20 minute Fela Kuti or John Coltrane song, and end up needing to be shoveled into bed at night.

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From: chris
Sent: Sun, January 10, 2010 10:15:15 PM
Subject: speakers
Any thought on speakers? My fear is that most speakers are not designed to operate at the high ambient temps of a sauna and will surely fail prematurely.

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