Lovely Loyly, Sweaty Saunas are a Northland Family Tradition

Today’s Superior Telegram has an article about traditional saunas and makes careful mention how these saunas differ from “something you do after a chlorinated swim at the Holiday Inn.”

The authentic sauna experience is miles different from a hotel sauna or health club sauna.  People in and around the Duluth, MN, Superior, WI (Twin Ports) area are well versed to this difference as authentic Finnish saunas abound: “Duluth was home to one of the largest Finnish communities outside Finland. ”

So, as Northern Minnesota kids leave their Finnish family homesteads, as hockey players from Scandinavia get NHL contracts in North America, and as folks like us get clued into the benefits of authentic sauna, there will be more of a need to bring the authentic Finnish sauna experience to your backyard.  Are you with us?  Life’s short, let’s get one going for you, too.

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