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School report on saunas from a 6th grader

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Following is the unedited school report for a 6th graders class assignment.  He made this Popsicle stick to scale model of an outdoor sauna as part of his project at Barton Open School, Minneapolis, MN.

(photo to be added)

They say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (admission: he’s my son).  However, the project was his idea, and he wrote this all himself (though we sense he clicked around for some content encouragement :)).

Wood burning saunas

First of all My Report is NOT about electric saunas, it’s about wood burning saunas

Question and answers

1.  Why wood burning saunas? Because me and my dad love taking saunas and I wanted to know more about them

2.  Why are wood burning saunas better? Wood produces a more natural heat. When wood burns it brings in fresh air into the sauna room. Wood burning saunas are very traditional and go back four thousand years.

3.  How do you take a sauna? Well I first drink a big glass of water and then I put on my bathing suit and grab a towel (and if it’s winter time I put on sandals) then I go in the sauna and start warming up. Sauna rounds are usually 15 to about 20 minutes long. I usually take 3 rounds but when I’m done with a round, I either jump in a lake jump or jump in the snow. If either of those are not an option, I dump water over my head. But I don’t run back in the sauna right away. You want your body to equalize and cool down so then you are ready to go back in the sauna.

4.  Why do I like saunas? Because it can turn a cold/rainy day into a fun day and it is very healthy because it opens up your pours and gets all the dirt off of your skin.

5.  How hot does the sauna get? Around 140 to 180 degrees. If it gets too hot for you, you can change levels on the benches or even sit on the floor when you get too hot to be on the top bench.

6.  How long have you been taking saunas? Well technically since I was 2 but I would just sit at the bottom on the ground.

7.  How do you pronounce the word sauna? It’s pronounced sow-na NOT saw-na.

8.  What time do you take saunas? Anytime really as long as you have not eaten in the last hour. My favorite time to take a sauna is around 7:00PM. Then after the sauna I either take a shower (to get the sweat off of me) or go right to sleep.

9.  What time of year do you like to take saunas? Either in the summer or the winter. I like to take saunas in the summer because I’m up at my cabin and I can jump in the lake to get refreshed. I like the winter saunas because I like to jump in the snow yea I know it sounds crazy right well that’s just me.

10.          Can saunas get rid of mosquito bites? Yes it can, for me I take 3 rounds in the sauna at hot temperatures and by the time I’m done my mosquito bites are gone.

Stuff about saunas

Since I was a little kid I always liked taking saunas with my dad. Up at the cabin we would take saunas probably 3 or 4 times a week. It’s not as fun taking saunas in the winter because we don’t have a lake to jump in. Just to clarify there is a big difference between wood burning saunas and electric saunas. For one, wood burning saunas go back at least four thousand years and they release real heat but when you take a sauna in a electric sauna it’s just electric heat and not the real thing. That’s just one of the reasons why I like wood burning saunas better then electric. My perfect sauna would start with a big glass of water and it would start at 7:00. I also would like to be up at my cabin because then I could jump in my lake. I would walk in the sauna and I would like it to be around 170 degrees throughout the whole sauna. Each sauna round would be around 15 minutes in the sauna and 10 minutes outside and then after the sauna I would watch a good movie then go to bed. Another reason why I love saunas is it’s a stress reliever whenever I am either sad, mad, stumped, bored or even sick saunas are the thing to do. There are no rules to the sauna except` no yelling, keep away from the stove and most importantly DON’T leave the door open. So that’s the end of my project hope you learned a lot.


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