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Kuuma steams up the Tower 4th of July parade

light steam graphic

As the United States rolls through another heat wave, it’s safe to say that there were perhaps thousands of hot 4th of July parades this year. But there was one that was most steamy, the 4th of July parade in Tower, Minnesota.

Lamppa Manufacturing, 4th generation family owned craft stove maker, was creating lots of steam in the parade, showing off the prototype for their new blue flame series sauna stove.

The Kumma float was manned by fourth generation President Garrett Lamppa and his sister Lindsay and Mom and Dad as supportive spectators. Also on hand to throw water on the rocks and candy to the kids was Morgen Carlon and Chad Reichensperger.

Kuuma Steams its way through the parade

Todd Petersen, Tower resident and Lamppa Manufacturing employee, shares his thoughts: “I’ve been welding Kuuma sauna stoves for 5 years now. And I know the stoves well, so I know how good they work. I think i’ve welded over 400 myself. There was some talk amongst us guys as to whether the steam in the new Kuuma will last all the way through the parade, tossing water on the rocks as they drive down the street.”

Garrett Lamppa: “The rocks started getting a little bit wimpy at the end, but for the most part, the Kuuma took all the water I thew at it and it produced a ton of steam. I don’t know what the other people say, but I think if you ask anyone who was at the parade, I think they’d all say that the Kuuma throws a lot of steam. I was hitting it hard for the 45 minutes it took to travel through the whole parade.”

“Chad got the Kuuma going a couple hours before the parade with a fairly full load of wood in the firebox. We added a couple logs as the parade started. Oh my gosh, that Kuuma through steam like crazy. Garrett was throwing a ton of water on it and it just kept steaming and steaming. It’s incredible. Morgen Carlon, Administrative Manager, Lamppa Manufacturing.

Lamppa machinist, Nick Lempia truck owner and float parade driver, also handcrafted the outdoor shower on display in the float. “It was a lot of fun. I couldn’t believe how well it turned out.”

Copious amounts of steam for the new Kuuma Blue Flame prototype at the Tower Parade, Tower, Minnesota July 4, 2023

Kumma sauna country and steams

Several hundred were estimated to have attended this year’s Tower parade. And a good percent of those attending know sauna. This is sauna country here in Northeastern Minnesota. And for many who took their boats from their docks through the island studded Lake Vermilion, they were able to see a familiar friend and icon at the Tower Parade: The Kuuma sauna stove.

“I’ve owned a Kuuma for 35 years, and use it a few times a week.” explains Jarvis Treeter, Aurora, Minnesota. “I knew they were working on something, but man the steam this new sauna stove gives off! Damn, I think I’m going to order one of these and move my other Kuuma to the hunting shack.”

Morgen, foreground, tossing candy while Garrett steam maestro’s the crowd at the Tower Parade, July 4, 2023
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