Sauna benefit: it’s good for your head

Sauna hidden benefit

One of the more powerful sauna benefits is one that is often overlooked.  In this fast paced world of many demands, ask yourself, when is the last time you’ve spent a couple hours just thinking?  No TV, no driving around, just ‘recharging your batteries’?

Reconnect in the sauna.

Some people love running or hiking as a way to mentally recharge.  And in the film “What About Bob?” Bill Murray (Bob Wiley) is told to ‘take a vacation from your problems.’  Well here’s some free sauna information that isn’t about how to build a sauna or throw a sauna party or where the next mobile sauna is.

I had a great sauna last night.  Alone for a couple rounds, I was able to reconnect.  I found myself jotting down a list of things to do,  including writing this post.  Then my friend Dan showed up for a sauna.

Three things in our lives.

Dan and I discussed how, being so busy, life basically comes down to three buckets: family, work, personal.  Now this resonated with me as not only is he right, but I have a freaky appreciation to the power of three relating to sauna.


This morning, over coffee, I was able to put a “p” for personal, “w” for work, and “f” for family in front of each thing on my list from the sauna.  I’m pretty sure “put socks away” would be ‘personal’ but my wife surely notices my socks laying around, so I stick an “f” next to that one, and for that matter, “w” too, as it’s too cold outside to show up to a meeting with just my shoes on.  The point is, forging ahead with a focus on all three buckets is a rising tide that lifts the content in each.  And at the end of the day, after we kick the bucket, that’s it!

What about you?

Not sure if you’re a list person, or where you go to reconnect.  Maybe you take a pen with you while hiking, maybe you jot stuff down in the sauna at your fitness center (avoiding eye contact with Sven), but my backyard sauna is really good for my head.  Without a sauna, i’d still be looking for my socks, and you wouldn’t be reading this.

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3 thoughts on “Sauna benefit: it’s good for your head”

  1. What a great post Glenn. For me, the solo sweat is usually a process of watching the knots in my brain unravel, reminding of the things in my life that are REALLY important. I always find myself thinking, “I can’t believe I was stressed about about this…. It was ridiculous to get mad about that…. I have enough money to buy a 6 pack, take a sauna, and head in to my girlfriend so I have nothing to complain about!!”

    Sauna is literally a religion for me.

  2. Hey hi Glenn

    Great website.. I started taking saunas in 1956
    on Lake 14 near Britt Minnesota..
    Over the years I have come to love steam rooms
    the best I know of is at the Marsh in Minnetonka…
    Regarding the office studio in the backyard
    call me at 612-703-7196 or email
    You have good energy..

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