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The Mobile Sauna: January 23, 2010

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Rain, not snow21558_305308714477_251959979477_4757373_1755240_n

Rain in Minnesota in January seems as common as snow in San Antonio in summer.  We are typically blessed with single digit temperatures, bright sun, fast outdoor ice, and fresh powder snow for skiing.  Today, however, was met with temperatures in the 30’s, a heavy gray sky and steady drizzle.

A healthy glow

New Friendships flow in the sauna

The folks that converged today on Fish Lake in Maple Grove were here to raise money to build a high school in Haiti, as part of the Rotary Club of Maple Grove’s 2010 Deep Freeze Dunk .  I brought my mobile sauna to the shoreline of Fish Lake to help with the plunge experience.  Maybe it was the feel good purpose of the event, maybe it was everybody’s bright smiles contrasting with the gray sky, maybe it was the 170 degree wood burning sauna, but everybody in attendance was happy to be there and participating in a timely, good cause.

New friendships flow

I’ve always said, the worse the weather, the better the sauna.  Today was no exception.  Those that committed to support the fundraiser, got off their couches, ventured out onto a frozen lake, plunged into the hole in the ice, indulged in sauna, began forming a bond which naturally evolved into tighter friendships.  There is something genuine about the polar plunge and sauna experience.  Honesty, transparency, sincerity.  There is no bullshit in a sauna.

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