Saunas make you happy

How do I know this?

Two reasons.

  1. Everyone I know is happy when they sauna.
  2. The World’s happiest countries, per Gallup World Poll, each have the highest percentages of saunas, per capita.
(by % Thriving)
Country Region Percent
1 Denmark Europe 82 17 1 7.9
2 Finland Europe 75 23 2 7.8
3 Norway Europe 69 31 0 7.9
4 Sweden Europe 68 30 2 7.9

If you doubt my logic, come sauna.

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3 thoughts on “Saunas make you happy”

  1. Your logic works well for the first 5 Glenn, but the US is happier than Germany, Russia and Japan, all of which have more saunas per person than the US.

  2. Chris: I’m happy that you’re happy; this helps account for the high(er) US ranking. We need to help you get your own backyard wood burning sauna. My mobile sauna will be deployed this weekend through Christmas. Video and photos to follow for added encouragement. Come visit.

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