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Sauna: what's your favorite temperature?

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There is lots of discussion about sauna temperature.  Some like their sauna at around 200 degrees f.  Others enjoy their sauna around 145 degrees f.   That can be quite a range, but a friend of mine said it best:

my favorite sauna thermometer“The perfect sauna temperature is one that gives you 10-15 minutes of comfortable relaxation.”

That about sums it up.  I find that a 10-15 minute round is ideal.  It gets your body temperature up, you start sweating, can feel the release of toxins, your muscles relaxing, and your pours opening up.

There is this machoness to sauna temperatures, where some try to drive others out with overwhelming heat.  But a sauna is all about what makes you comfy, not Sven with a silly grin tossing water on the rocks to try to drive you out.  However, sometimes Sven gets it right, a nice blast of water on the rocks and riding it out is as exhilarating as that jump into a cold lake.

Above is my favorite sauna thermometer.

  • It looks nice and is easy to read in the dim light of a sauna.
  • It has a hydrometer: fun sometimes to know where you’re at humidity wise.
  • It shows temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, good for both you and Sven.
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2 thoughts on “Sauna: what's your favorite temperature?”

  1. Any suggestions for lowering the humidity? Prior to firing our stove our humidity sits at 65%. Once the fire is going it drops to around 50-55% so obviously we can’t handle the higher temps with that level of humidity. We have two vents on the top row, should we add one to the bottom row? Thanks

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