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Crawl, walk, run, fly: 4 stages to sauna building (and maybe a lot more)

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Ever hung out with people who have done remarkable things?  What do they have in common?  They’ve all started small.  They have applied the tuned balance of patience and persistence, continually advancing their projects forward.


  • Building a glue company from $12mm to $120mm in 10 years.
  • Holding my breath for over 6 minutes, all the while remaining as calm as if sitting in a church pew.
  • Becoming one of the world’s most renowned nature photographers AFTER cutting his teeth shooting football games.
  • Rolling out a recreational product whose name is as well known as Kleenex, Teflon, or Pale Ale.

Whatever it means to you, success starts small.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” may be a dumb expression.  But it’s true.

So, let’s not get too worked up about building our own sauna.  We can do this.  We can:

  • CRAWL:  Start with 50′ carpenter string and 4 sticks and mark off a spot for your sauna.
  • WALK:  Read this website, and my ebook.  There are a shitload of great tips to help you, and i’m on your team.
  • RUN: Order your building materials and start carving out some time to build your own health and wellness retreat.
  • FLY: Invite your friends over.  Sit on the sauna bench.  Toss water on the sauna rocks.  Close your eyes and let your mind take you to the sky, because your project will reward you in ways you don’t yet realize.

BONUS:  Crawl, walk, run, fly applies to any project.  Sauna building is just one.

CAVEAT:  Did you make it this far?  Am I sounding preachy?  That’s ok, sometimes we all need a kick in the ass.

we need more of these authentic kick ass saunas.
We need more of these in the marketplace.


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